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New Stick-IT Tape 12mm X 33m

Introducing TattooINC Stick-IT Tape: Versatile and Reliable Adhesive Solution for Your Tattoo Studio

Product Description:

TattooINC Stick-IT Tape is the ultimate adhesive solution designed to securely stick tattoo ink cups to your dental bib in your tattoo studio. Manufactured by a brand you can trust, this flexible and strong tape offers excellent value for money and incredible versatility, making it an essential tool for various applications in your tattoo studio.

Reliable Adhesion: The Stick-IT double-sided tape is coated with a strong adhesive on both sides, ensuring reliable and long-lasting adhesion. Whether you're attaching tattoo ink cups to your dental bib or mounting displays and exhibitions in your tattoo studio, this tape holds firmly in place, giving you peace of mind during your tattooing sessions.

Easy to Use: With its easy tear backing paper, Stick-IT tape simplifies the application process. You can quickly tear off the desired length of tape without the need for scissors, saving you time and effort. The clear backing also ensures seamless and discreet application, blending seamlessly with the surface for a professional finish.

Versatile Applications: TattooINC Stick-IT tape is incredibly versatile and finds multiple uses in your tattoo studio. It is perfect for securely attaching tattoo ink cups to your dental bib, preventing any accidental spills or movement during tattoo sessions. Additionally, its strong adhesive properties make it an excellent choice for display mounting and exhibition work. Whether you need to hang artwork, posters, or signs in your tattoo studio, Stick-IT tape provides a reliable and discreet solution.

Flexible and Strong: Crafted with a blend of flexibility and strength, Stick-IT tape adapts to various surfaces and contours with ease in your tattoo studio. It adheres firmly to both flat and curved surfaces, ensuring a secure bond that withstands the demands of your tattooing process. The tape's strength and durability make it a reliable choice for long-term use, providing you with the confidence and stability you need during your tattoo sessions.

Value for Money: TattooINC Stick-IT tape offers excellent value for money. With its versatile applications and long-lasting adhesion, you can rely on this tape for multiple uses in your tattoo studio. Whether it's attaching ink cups or mounting displays, Stick-IT tape delivers exceptional performance, saving you time, effort, and money in the long run.

Experience the convenience and reliability of TattooINC Stick-IT Tape. From securing tattoo ink cups to dental bibs to mounting displays and exhibitions in your tattoo studio, this flexible and strong adhesive tape is an indispensable tool. Trust in the quality and versatility of TattooINC Stick-IT tape for all your adhesive needs in your tattoo studio.

This offer is for one roll of Stick-IT Tape 12mm X 33m

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