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New Gloves Halyard STERLING Nitrile 200-count dispenser boxes
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Designed for Use by Everyone, Everywhere: STERLING* Nitrile Exam Gloves are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals in various settings, ensuring optimal performance and comfort for a wide range of users. Highly recommended for piercing and tattooing procedures, these gloves provide exceptional protection and sensitivity for artists and enthusiasts.

Performance in a Latex-Free Exam Glove: With an innovative nitrile formulation, these gloves provide exceptional fit, feel, and flexibility, surpassing the performance of traditional latex gloves. They offer superior protection, comfort, and sensitivity without the risk of latex allergies. Ideal for piercing and tattooing applications, these gloves deliver reliable performance and precise control.

The Protection of Nitrile: Halyard Health's manufacturing process enhances the tensile strength of nitrile, making these gloves highly resistant to punctures and tears. This superior barrier protection ensures the safety of both healthcare professionals and clients during piercing and tattooing procedures. The reliable defense offered by these gloves is essential for maintaining a sterile and hygienic environment.

The Tactile Sensitivity of Latex: Despite being latex-free, STERLING* Nitrile Exam Gloves maintain excellent tactile sensitivity. The gloves are thin and designed to provide a natural feel, allowing for precise movements and ensuring optimal dexterity during intricate piercing and tattooing processes. Artists can confidently maneuver their tools while maintaining a sense of touch and control.

Save Space and Waste Less: These gloves come in a space-saving packaging format with 200-count dispenser boxes. By utilizing these boxes, you can save up to 50% of storage space typically required for gloves. This efficient design reduces waste and makes glove replacement more convenient, enhancing overall efficiency in piercing and tattoo studios. With fewer glove changes and less waste, artists can focus more on their craft.

SMARTPULL* Dispenser Box: The SMARTPULL* dispenser box features two separate openings. The smaller opening ensures controlled dispensing when the box is full, minimizing waste caused by accidental glove drop or multiple glove retrieval. As the box empties, the larger opening allows for easy access to the gloves, ensuring a seamless experience during fast-paced piercing and tattooing sessions.

Glove Guidelines: When performing piercing and tattooing procedures, it is crucial to follow glove guidelines for maximum safety and hygiene. Choose disposable, powder-free gloves that meet the necessary qualifications and extend over gown cuffs for comprehensive coverage. Adhering to these guidelines helps protect both artists and clients from potential infections or cross-contamination.

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